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Hey, I’m Ryan a keen and passionate Angler, welcome to my fishing blog!

Aged 21, this is my first ever attempt at a blog and I’ll be looking to keep you up to date with all my fishing outings – reviewing the ponds I visit and the tackle I buy and use.

A bit of background info about me:

I used to go fishing religiously starting with my Dad and then went on to fish with mates up until about 16 and then I suddenly stopped. I was even in my local Junior fishing matches finishing in 3rd in my first season.

At the beginning of May 2013 though, sat sunbathing in the garden I had a sudden urge to get my fishing tackle out of the shed. That night, I purchased my EA Fishing Licence and ended up going fishing to Candy Corner Fisheries, Doncaster the Sunday after. I also joined the numerous great fishing forums.

Back in the love with the sport I want to travel around Yorkshire visiting the great ponds that we are blessed with in this region.

Lindholme Lakes Strip | Fishing Blog

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