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Method Feeder Fishing at Elm Tree Farm Fishery

I recently visited Elm Tree Farm Fishery and had an absolutely fantastic days fishing.

I went with the sole intention of using just pellets either on the Method or Waggler. This was from reading a few bits online and contacting the owner via their Facebook page, who got back to me straight away!

There’s 2 main ponds at Elm Tree Farm. The Horseshoe lake with LOTS of features to fish to, which is a course lake for Match and Pleasure anglers. The lake is well stocked with all breeds of fish, but a large proportion of F1s. There is also a productive carp lake with carp ranging from 14 Ib to late 20s.

I obviously went coarse fishing so went for a walk around the horseshoe lake and ended up settling on peg 21. It looked a great peg, with open water to the left and a lovely bay to fish into straight in front towards the island. With the weather slightly overcast I decides to fish the method feeder.

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Small Mirror Carp One of the decent Common Carp One of the Ghost Carp The bait I took - Keep it simple View to the left from Peg 2

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Candy Corner | Hoskers Lake

It’s been a while! This was only my second fishing session of the year! Where’s this year gone!?

Anyway, you’ll notice this is only my first post this year. That’s because a couple of weeks ago I had an absolute mare of a session and there was really nothing to share. I was in a Yorkshire social match at Birkwood Farm fisheries, but drew a blank and caught nothing, zero, zip! It was a ridiculously warm day and the pond we were on was Oscars. I’d heard it was full of F1’s so went with the intention of getting them going on luncheon meat. It just didn’t happen. The match was a disaster all round to be honest, with the biggest weight being about 20 Ib and most people getting around 6-7 Ib. The pond gets some really decent weights on a good day but it was just too hot and they weren’t having it at all!

So, after that I had to get my confidence back, so I headed to my new favourite spot, Candy Corner. There were no match’s on Hoskers lake which is unusual, so I decided to fish on the opposite side where I can’t usually get. I fished peg 2.

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My Winning Bag

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Lindholme Lakes Strip Match

My third yorkshire fishing social match was at the prolific Lindholme Lakes on the Strip pond.

I was really looking forward to this one, knowing there would be a lot bigger stamp of fish available, with carp in the 5 to 10 Ib bracket not unusual.

The forecast for the day was overcast and windy, but with decent temperatures. I drew peg 10, and having not studied the pegs before I hadn’t a clue where this would be. It turned out being a corner peg, with the wind blowing into it. Bang on the money!

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Kppax Park Fisher Osprey Lake

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Kippax Park Fishery | Yorkshire Fishing Match

After having last weekend off for my birthday in Edinburgh, I decided this weekend I was going to go fishing both Saturday & Sunday.

Perfect, because the Yorkshire Fishing Forum had a match booked on the Saturday for Kippax Park Fishery, then Sunday gave me the availability to go my usual pleasure fishing.

Kippax Park Fishery is a lovely setup, and the ponds looked very “fishy” if you know what I mean. I drew peg 6, but I wasn’t that fussed where I drew because all pegs were the same distance from the island in the middle, and all had similar margins.

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If you are thinking it, do itA great saying but can’t remember where I saw it

Lindholme Lakes Oasis Lake

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Lindholme Lakes | Oasis Lake

A very miserable day with high winds made it difficult fishing on the pole today at Lindholme Lakes.

With 8 lakes, I thought I’d chance it and arrive without enquiring whether there would be any pegs available for pleasure fishing. I was lucky as I asked the man in the tackle shop, and he said no,  but a guy in the other room stated a few had come up on the Oasis Lake, Pegs 51 – 64. Lesson learnt, from now on I will always ring the pond before hand!

Not knowing much about any of the lakes here apart from the odd bits I have read online, I headed to peg 60. It had a few far bank markers, and a nice feature margin to my right, so this is where I settled for the day.

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Social Match at Sunrise Lakes

Since joining the Yorkshire Fishing Forum I have learnt a lot, all be it in a short length of time. I had been keeping a keen eye on the YF Social Match section. As you will have seen I only usually go Pleasure fishing, but, to develop my skills, and to get a feel for adult fishing matches, a Yorkshire Forum social match sounded ideal. It also gave me a chance to put faces to names from the Forum!

I couldn’t make the first 2, but decided to book onto the 3rd Match at Sunrise Lakes in Spofforth near Wetherby, North Yorkshire. What a great decision it was. I was made to feel very welcome by all who attended and a great day was had by all. There was 10 of us in the match.

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View to my right Far Bank | Feeder Territory Nice Bream

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Ferryboat Farm Fishery

Ferryboat Farm Fishery in Old Denaby near Mexborough is where I decided to go this weekend. I use to be in Ferryboat Junior Fishing club, and have fond memories of this place.

The owners are some of the nicest pond owners I have come across so far, and the place itself it lovely and very well looked after.

I use to think there was only one, long pond here, but its now split into two, with the top pond usually matched up, I fished on the bottom pond on peg 14.

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Lowfield Lakes | Corner Pond

Well, on this fishing outing, I caught more of a sun tan than I did Fish, but still had a enjoyable relaxing day at Lowfield Lakes.

There are 3 ponds at Lowfield, the Main Lake, Riverside, and the pond I fished, Corner Pond.

From my bit of research, and knowledge from people who have regularly fished it, the prominent bait here is Pellet & Paste. Meat is banned, so I also took Sweetcorn and Maggot as usual.

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Biggest of the Day Hard Fighting Common Carp One of the Mirror Carp Another Lovely Mirror

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Hayfield Lakes | Adams Lake

Previous holder of the famous Fish ‘O’ Mania, Hayfield Lakes was one of the top lakes in the North of England. At this time I was a regular visitor to the lake with my mates, and enjoyed many a day fishing on the top on floating bred and dog biscuit on the Island Lake (this method is now banned) regularly catching double figure carp.

I wasn’t sure how it had been getting on recently but with it previously to being my favourite commercial to visit, this was the top of my list.

So, on the 19th May I returned to my old stomping ground- Hayfield Lakes – this time with my girlfriend in accompaniment to take some better photos!

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