Daiwa 75 Seatbox Review

A seatbox is one of the most important pieces of tackle to get right.

You sit on it for anything up to 9 hours on a normal day session, it contains all of your prized terminal tackle and securely protects those rigs you spend hours on getting to perfection.

This is why I needed and upgrade from my old shakespeare box that I’ve had since starting pole fishing. Yes it’s served me well and they are probably the best box to buy a young budding angler. They can fit loads inside, and are lightweight only being made from plastic. But that’s what they are, cheap, light and basically for beginners. Fair enough right?

Shakespeare Seat Box


So I recently upgraded to, what I call, a proper seat box. One with adjustable legs, footplate, comfy seat, the lot. My budget wasn’t the biggest so I settled on the Daiwa 75 Seatbox. Although one of Daiwa lower range seatbox’s, it’s still a great piece of kit.

Daiwa 75 Seatbox


The top compartment is perfect for my rigs, the long side tray has regularly used items in such as discorgers and then the 2 front draws contain my main terminal tackle. One side for rod fishing and the other for pole fishing. This was the most logical order I could come up with. The main bottom compartment has 2 reels in, a catapult and other similar bits and pieces.

Although not massive, most of all my tackle fits in, but I can see the box being too small for people with a lot more terminal tackle.

The footplate is my favourite part. It stores away with ease by loosening 2 of the knobs and you then you just pull the footplate out and lift up making carrying and storing the box a breeze. Speaking of carrying, this box is also light enough to get to those pegs where you can’t park your car behind!

All in all I would rate this Daiwa 75 Seatbox as a great bit of kit for anglers looking to upgrade from their first beginners box or for someone with not too much tackle who wants to be comfortable at the side of commercial ponds and basically not spend too much.

There’s plenty of accessories to buy to go with the Daiwa box too. The ones I am looking forward to getting is the bait waiter so everything I need throughout the session is within easy reach, a keep net arm to save having to find a place to stick the bank stick into, and a long feeder arm rest. The long feeder arm will make fishing the method effortless and will be great for the pellet waggler to rest the rod when catapulting those vital pellets in.

Comment below with your thoughts on the  Daiwa 75 Seatbox or just let me know which seatbox you own and treasure!