Candy Corner Fisheries

I arrived at Candy Corner Fisheries bang on opening time – 7:30 am on the 12th May 2013 all excited in anticipation.

There are 4 Lakes at Candy Corner Fisheries, two main ones in AJ’s and Hoskers, that usually have matches on at the weekend, and then 2 other ponds that are generally for pleasure anglers. AJ’s was fully matched up as expected & Hoskers had a match on pegs 1-15. AJ’s is the largest lake with all fish types in with carp up to 30 Ib. Hoskers is a lot smaller but of similar ilk that holds its own with Carp up to 15 Ib.

I had a walk around Hoskers, getting my bearings and eyeing up where to fish. I decided upon peg 23, for the only reason that it had the best margin reeds.

Fishing on the Pole, I plumbed up, starting all the way to the island, which was about 11 meters away, and working my way back. The deepest part of the pond was the middle/track, so about 5-6 meters out. This is the swim I decided to attack first.

Baits I took: Sweetcorn, Maggot, Luncheon Meat, Mussel Meat, Fisheries Micro Pellets

My starting bait of choice was sweetcorn and I caught a decent bream straight away and hen went on to catch about 6 Crucians. While I was enjoying them, I decided to go on Luncheon Meat to try get the carp going. I got a few knocks but nothing major so went back to the trusty corn and bagged a decent carp around 3 Ib.

Then it went quiet. I had to try something different, and with this, the quiet ended.

I had a magic 3 and half hours from 11.30. This was all down to MUSSEL MEAT. Fishing is all about having an idea, and going for it with confidence and belief. The carp were loving the mussels and I ended up with about 10 Common carp all between 2-5 pound, 2 smaller mirror carp, a decent tench and a 2 pound ghost carp. Best of the day was a 6 pound common. Most giving a great fight!

All in all a great day at Candy Corner Fisheries.

I would definitely recommend Candy Corner and will be back soon hoping to get on AJ’s, but if not, will head for Jakes pond.

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