Candy Corner | Hoskers Lake

It’s been a while! This was only my second fishing session of the year! Where’s this year gone!?

Anyway, you’ll notice this is only my first post this year. That’s because a couple of weeks ago I had an absolute mare of a session and there was really nothing to share. I was in a Yorkshire social match at Birkwood Farm fisheries, but drew a blank and caught nothing, zero, zip! It was a ridiculously warm day and the pond we were on was Oscars. I’d heard it was full of F1’s so went with the intention of getting them going on luncheon meat. It just didn’t happen. The match was a disaster all round to be honest, with the biggest weight being about 20 Ib and most people getting around 6-7 Ib. The pond gets some really decent weights on a good day but it was just too hot and they weren’t having it at all!

So, after that I had to get my confidence back, so I headed to my new favourite spot, Candy Corner. There were no match’s on Hoskers lake which is unusual, so I decided to fish on the opposite side where I can’t usually get. I fished peg 2.

As you can see from the pictures I only took the usual supermarket baits, with fishery pellets soaked in F1 liquid, and some meat covered in curry powder.

I had one line of attack which was down the middle about 6 meters out. I started the session with a large cup of a mixture of micro and 4mm pellets, a few cubes of plain luncheon meat, and a few grains of sweetcorn and then went over the top with my rig and a cube of meat on the hook. Almost instantly I was into a nice common carp, it must have only been 50 seconds or so, I knew I was in for a good day. I carried on in this vain for a good hour or 2, catching carp between 2-4 Ib, staying on meat and with each bite using kinder pot to put in pellets.

It then went a bit quiet and the carp deserted my peg because I started to catch a few bream so I had a change of tactic. I stopped with the pellets completely and just went with meat, both flavours. Earlier in the week I watch a Steve Ringer video so went with his tactic. 3 or 4 cubes of meat in a kinder pot, then lower the hook bait in at the same time. I got a rhythm going and it worked a treat, the carp came back and I caught 3 lovely Ghost carp on the trot. This tactic paved me well up to around 3 o’clock. I was leaving at 4, so for the last hour I went in the margins to my left. I was getting the odd nibble from little uns but nothing of much conviction until suddenly, bang another decent common. It was a strong one though as it streamed my 16 solid elastic but must have only been 5 Ib.

All in all a great day with at least 30 fish caught, and confidence back, I can’t wait for next week!