Hayfield Lakes | Adams Lake

Previous holder of the famous Fish ‘O’ Mania, Hayfield Lakes was one of the top lakes in the North of England. At this time I was a regular visitor to the lake with my mates, and enjoyed many a day fishing on the top on floating bred and dog biscuit on the Island Lake (this method is now banned) regularly catching double figure carp.

I wasn’t sure how it had been getting on recently but with it previously to being my favourite commercial to visit, this was the top of my list.

So, on the 19th May I returned to my old stomping ground- Hayfield Lakes – this time with my girlfriend in accompaniment to take some better photos!

Same as last Sunday at Candy Corner I went full of excitement. We Pulled up in the main car park about 7.30 am and a new addition had popped up. A lovely new bait cabin. I headed over and asked whether there were any available pegs for pleasure fishing. I was in luck, but only just. Pegs 78 – 82 were available on Adams lake, a lake I’d fished once before, and the perfect one for me today as its fine for both pole and rod fishing. These pegs are on the left side, really close to the bridge as you walk down from the bait cabin. When I fished this pond before, I was on similar pegs but on the right hand side and had a great day, this was about 4 years ago though.

I went for peg 81, and happy with my peg choice I settled down and plumbed up about 9 meters out.

Baits of choice: Maggot, Sweetcorn, Luncheon Meat, Fishery Micro Pellets & Mussel Meat.

Potting in with a cocktail of all of the above, chopping the mussel meat to release the oils and smells.

Starting hook bait was Corn, and after literally 5 minutes in, I was into a hard fighting common. I was barely ready, but what a buzz landing a 6 pounder so fast.

The weather was cloudy with sun breaking through so it looked a great day ahead, and it delivered.

I had another 4 carp out before dinner, with my biggest being about 8 Ib. At the same time I got this out, another pleasure anger at the side of me pulled out a 12 Ib Common on the pole too. I had caught 1 more on corn, and the other 3 on Meat. I’d tried mussel on the hook but nothing gave unlike last week.

After dinner, around 1 o’clock I decided to go in the margins after baiting it up all day. Got my margin rig out, using a Preston Tyson margin float, and a line choice of Preston Reflo Power with a breaking strain on around 7 Ib.

Anyway, what a great decision to go in the margins, as I had another 5 carp out all of nice sizes between 4-7 Ib. All giving me a great thrill and adrenalin rush that fishing should always do. I find margin fishing even more thrilling as you are so close to the action from the off. I caught again on Luncheon and Corn, baiting in regularly with corn and micro pellets. My last fish of the day was a 3 Ib tench to polish off a lovely days fishing.

The only down side to the day was having to pack up about 4 o’clock because they had included our pegs in the evening open match.

Never mind, I’d had another cracking days fishing.

Looking around the lake at other anglers methods, there was a wide range, from pellet wagler, feeder, bomb with a single cube of meat and one person was on the floating pole.