Kippax Park Fishery | Yorkshire Fishing Match

After having last weekend off for my birthday in Edinburgh, I decided this weekend I was going to go fishing both Saturday & Sunday.

Perfect, because the Yorkshire Fishing Forum had a match booked on the Saturday for Kippax Park Fishery, then Sunday gave me the availability to go my usual pleasure fishing.

Kippax Park Fishery is a lovely setup, and the ponds looked very “fishy” if you know what I mean. I drew peg 6, but I wasn’t that fussed where I drew because all pegs were the same distance from the island in the middle, and all had similar margins.

With the weather at its peak for England, it was promised the temperatures would reach over 30 degrees so with a sweltering day in prospect my tactics were undecided. On one hand, there were a lot of silver fish this pond (Osprey) so I could go shallow on Maggot, Castor & Worm and target them, or then there’s the feeder to the island where the carp will be hiding up, but this can be unpredictable. To go along with that, from a bit of research this pond is very inconsistent with matches being won with around 50 Ib one week and then down to 19 Ib the next.

I decided my initial plan of attack would be the pole 10 meters out on the bottom. I then set up another rig for fishing shallow at various depth and length, and the final rig was for the margins. I also set up my feeder rod but didn’t anticipate using it.

All in was called and I went on my starting bottom rig. I potted in a small “cocktail” of dead maggots, castors and micro pellets. The start was a struggle but I eventually bagged my first fish, about a pound skimmer bream.

I struggled for bites all day to be honest, alternating between the dead depth and the shallow rig – nothing was showing in the Margins whatsoever. All my fish came on the bottom apart from a couple of tiny roach, and one of the smallest tench I have ever seen coming up shallow. I ended up with a weight of just under 5 Ib finishing 5th out of 12 showing what a hard day it was. The weights seemed to get better the further we went up the pegs.