Lindholme Lakes | Oasis Lake

A very miserable day with high winds made it difficult fishing on the pole today at Lindholme Lakes.

With 8 lakes, I thought I’d chance it and arrive without enquiring whether there would be any pegs available for pleasure fishing. I was lucky as I asked the man in the tackle shop, and he said no,  but a guy in the other room stated a few had come up on the Oasis Lake, Pegs 51 – 64. Lesson learnt, from now on I will always ring the pond before hand!

Not knowing much about any of the lakes here apart from the odd bits I have read online, I headed to peg 60. It had a few far bank markers, and a nice feature margin to my right, so this is where I settled for the day.

I took my usual set of baits in Sweetcorn, Luncheon meat, Curry flavored meat, and left over maggots from last week which id froze.

This lake is like a canal, and at only 14 meters wide, is ideal for pole fishing but I decided to only fish at 9 meters. I fished on Meat from the off and it delivered an F1 within 5 minutes. Plenty more bites followed, and my next fish was a beautiful Barbel – a breed I’d never caught before so I was thrilled. I caught numerous more F1’s and Mirror carp fishing on both types of Meat at this length making up for the rubbish weather.

Although enjoyable, the wind was getting up making it hard to keep fighting the pole to keep the float and presentation still, so around 3 o’clock I though it would be a good idea to go in my left margin just fishing on my top 3 section. At a match venue like this it usually a good plan anyway, as the fish get use to matches finishing, and sometimes left over bonus bait getting thrown in for them to hone in on.

The decision paid dividends as I caught 2 more lovely barbel in quick succession, living up to their reputation for being very hard fighting fish. This wasn’t the end, as I kept feeding in my cocktail of bait, with a big square of meat on the hook, and I caught another 3 barbel, all in the same place.

The last hour flew by, but wet and windswept I decided to pack up, satisfied with my day.

Counting up I ended up with 7 F1 Carp, 5 Mirror Carp & 6 Barbel. All on Luncheon.

Highlight of the day having to be the Barbel, to say I’d never caught even 1 before and to end up with 6 was quality!