Lindholme Lakes Strip Match

My third yorkshire fishing social match was at the prolific Lindholme Lakes on the Strip pond.

I was really looking forward to this one, knowing there would be a lot bigger stamp of fish available, with carp in the 5 to 10 Ib bracket not unusual.

The forecast for the day was overcast and windy, but with decent temperatures. I drew peg 10, and having not studied the pegs before I hadn’t a clue where this would be. It turned out being a corner peg, with the wind blowing into it. Bang on the money!

Studying the peg, I spotted 4 different swims. I plummed each up, with the margins being about half to a foot shallower than the middle. The 4 swims a chose was the margin either side of me, 1 about 10 meters out in the middle, and then the final one about 8 meters out but up against the reeds to my left under some overhanging trees. This is the one I had the best feeling about, and would be my main attack. I had heard before hand that the fish in the pond are always moving in and out and no matter what you do, you cannot keep them there all day, so having 3 or 4 swims was perfect.

For the bait, I took Luncheon Meat, Sweetcorn and Pellets. You must use the fisheries own so I bought the 4 mm ones for feeding. I left half how they was, but flavoured the other half with F1 liquid.

On all in, I potted in 2 medium size pots of pellets, with the odd cube of Meat, and few grains of Sweetcorn. For the hook bait I chose 8 mm cubed plain luncheon meat. I was in literally minutes later on what felt a very good-sized fish. I rushed it a bit though and lost it. After that, my aim was to land every fish, no matter how long it took. 5 minute later I hooked another very good carp, which ended up being the biggest catch of the day – a 7.13 Ib Mirror carp.

After the thrilling start, I caught steady all day, staying in the same swim, on meat, feeding in with the 4 m pellets. If it quietened down, I would catapult in the pellets instead of potting them in to make a bit of noise to attract the fish back in. I caught all breeds of fish, from small hard fighting tench and f1’s, to very reasonably sized Mirror and Common Carp.

For the last 45 minutes, I decided to go into the close margins to my right, having been feeding in handfuls of pellets and corn all day. Using my very simple margin rig of a preston tyson float with one heavy shot, I started bagging some barbel and had about 5 on the trot. The final fish of the day was a nice sized common.

The match wound up, and I had enjoyed myself greatly with everyone catching very decent. I was thrilled to learn I’d WON the match with 59 Ibs 2 oz!

Lindholme Lakes Strip Match

My Winning Bag

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