Lowfield Lakes | Corner Pond

Well, on this fishing outing, I caught more of a sun tan than I did Fish, but still had a enjoyable relaxing day at Lowfield Lakes.

There are 3 ponds at Lowfield, the Main Lake, Riverside, and the pond I fished, Corner Pond.

From my bit of research, and knowledge from people who have regularly fished it, the prominent bait here is Pellet & Paste. Meat is banned, so I also took Sweetcorn and Maggot as usual.

Corner Pond has an island in the middle, and most people fished right up to this island on either the pole or feeder. I went on the pole, but didn’t fish to the island as I couldn’t reach, so I went about 9 meters out.

I had a very slow day, only catching 2 small carp on Corn and a few skimmers on Maggot all day. A guy to my right was catching very good sized carp to the island and in the hedge on Paste but the rest of the pond also struggled all day same as me.

This shoudn’t take anything away from the place though, Lowfields is very established and has regular open matched at weekend and midweek, with winning weights on Riverside up to 50 Ib. I will definitly be back soon to give it another bash and hppe for more success!

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