Method Feeder Fishing at Elm Tree Farm Fishery

I recently visited Elm Tree Farm Fishery and had an absolutely fantastic days fishing.

I went with the sole intention of using just pellets either on the Method or Waggler. This was from reading a few bits online and contacting the owner via their Facebook page, who got back to me straight away!

There’s 2 main ponds at Elm Tree Farm. The Horseshoe lake with LOTS of features to fish to, which is a course lake for Match and Pleasure anglers. The lake is well stocked with all breeds of fish, but a large proportion of F1s. There is also a productive carp lake with carp ranging from 14 Ib to late 20s.

I obviously went coarse fishing so went for a walk around the horseshoe lake and ended up settling on peg 21. It looked a great peg, with open water to the left and a lovely bay to fish into straight in front towards the island. With the weather slightly overcast I decides to fish the method feeder.

The set up


  • 10 ft Drennan Red Range feeder rod
  • 6 Ib line
  • 25 gram Drennan Method feeder & mould
  • Size 16 hook, 4 inch hook length & bait band


  • Feeder – 2 mm Andy Findley Method Feeder Pellets
  • Hook/Band – 6mm Sonu Salted Nut Crush Pellets



2 mm pellets loaded method feeder & 6 mm Hard Pellet for bait band

Using the line clip I got the perfect position 3 or 4 inches away from the reeds and I was off. First cast, sinking the line and literally waited 2 minutes and I was into the first fish of the day, a hard fighting F1. This continued for the next few hours and it was great sport, and although nothing massive these fish gave a good little scrap. As well as the F1s I caught a lovely little tench which was a welcome change.

I could see where I was casting starting to bubble, so much so the fish started to attack the feeder on the drop! I’d heard before I went that the slow sinking feeder could be a deadly tactic hear, and with the weather warming up I could see its potential. I have since bought a few slow sinking feeders and aim to go back to give them a try.

Anyway after a while I decided the best bet was to just get onto the Pellet Waggler using the 6 mm pellets in the bait band and to catapult out. Again it was spot on and I caught a fair few more F1s. Not as prolific as the Method but still plenty.

It started to cool down around 4 o’clock and then the rain came, but I wasn’t too bothered as I’d had a top days catching, losing count of how many I caught. It’s a great place to go for all anglers and would recommend to anyone. The cafe on site it great too and the sausage and bacon butties are a must.


Ok, thought I would just update this post rather than creating a new one. I went back here on Sunday 8th September as it was decent weather and fancied catching a few. Went with a similar game plan as previous but intended to go on the pellet waggler around dinner time.

Got there about half 7 and went on peg 16 which is quite close to the island again, with a nice little bay to target. Went on the method up to about 12 o’clock and bagged 18 F1s. It was warming up a bit so I went on the Pellet Waggler but this wasn’t half as fruitful as I’d hoped, with only 5 F1s in an hour. Went back on the method and must have caught another 20, again all F1s.

So, another cracking day at Elm Tree Farm – so if you happen to go, try to get a peg that’s in reach of the island, and get on the method feeder within about a foot of it and you’re guaranteed to catch!