Social Match at Sunrise Lakes

Since joining the Yorkshire Fishing Forum I have learnt a lot, all be it in a short length of time. I had been keeping a keen eye on the YF Social Match section. As you will have seen I only usually go Pleasure fishing, but, to develop my skills, and to get a feel for adult fishing matches, a Yorkshire Forum social match sounded ideal. It also gave me a chance to put faces to names from the Forum!

I couldn’t make the first 2, but decided to book onto the 3rd Match at Sunrise Lakes in Spofforth near Wetherby, North Yorkshire. What a great decision it was. I was made to feel very welcome by all who attended and a great day was had by all. There was 10 of us in the match.

I drew peg 57, this is an island peg around the back. I plumbed up, and talking to a few of the guys I had a good depth compared to their pegs, and with it being overcast and not the warmest this seemed like a decent peg.

I fished about 8 meters out on Meat, Sweetcorn & Maggot, feeding in with Red Krilled Maggots & Hemp. I also used some 4 mm pellets to try and get the carp going a bit.

I had a pretty steady day, catching decent sized Ide and skimmers most of the day aswell as the odd crucian on Maggot and Meat. With only half an hour left, I landed my first small carp. Trying to entice more in, I fired a few pellets in using the Caty and with 5 minute left I hooked another carp but it just streamed of to the reeds and came off.

Yorkshire Forum Social Match Sunrise Lakes

End of the match

The match finished and I ended up with a weight of 13 Ib 8 oz, which placed me bang in the middle of the pack in 5th place. Check out more about the match here >>

Sunrise Lakes

Sunrise Lakes is a beautiful venue, as you can see from the picture above. We fished the match lakes but there is also 2 more ponds here, called North and South Lake.

The match lake contains all the breeds of fish you would expect.

A great venue and I will certainly be back!

The night before this match, I re-elasticated one of my top kits with Preston 9H hollow elastic, on a pulla bung. It worked a treat. Look out for my review on the elastic soon.