Unhooking Mat

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Carp Unhooking Mat

One of my first purchases was a Carp Unhooking Mat. These are a vital piece of kit for the safety and well-being of the fish, instead of placing them on grass etc. Not only that, but most commercials now days expect all anglers to have unhooking mats.

I bought my Carp Unhooking Mat off eBay. Its well padded and easy big enough for any fish you will catch and it only cost me a tenner, No Excuses!

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View to my right Far Bank | Feeder Territory Nice Bream

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Ferryboat Farm Fishery

Ferryboat Farm Fishery in Old Denaby near Mexborough is where I decided to go this weekend. I use to be in Ferryboat Junior Fishing club, and have fond memories of this place.

The owners are some of the nicest pond owners I have come across so far, and the place itself it lovely and very well looked after.

I use to think there was only one, long pond here, but its now split into two, with the top pond usually matched up, I fished on the bottom pond on peg 14.

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Lowfield Lakes | Corner Pond

Well, on this fishing outing, I caught more of a sun tan than I did Fish, but still had a enjoyable relaxing day at Lowfield Lakes.

There are 3 ponds at Lowfield, the Main Lake, Riverside, and the pond I fished, Corner Pond.

From my bit of research, and knowledge from people who have regularly fished it, the prominent bait here is Pellet & Paste. Meat is banned, so I also took Sweetcorn and Maggot as usual.

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Biggest of the Day Hard Fighting Common Carp One of the Mirror Carp Another Lovely Mirror

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Hayfield Lakes | Adams Lake

Previous holder of the famous Fish ‘O’ Mania, Hayfield Lakes was one of the top lakes in the North of England. At this time I was a regular visitor to the lake with my mates, and enjoyed many a day fishing on the top on floating bred and dog biscuit on the Island Lake (this method is now banned) regularly catching double figure carp.

I wasn’t sure how it had been getting on recently but with it previously to being my favourite commercial to visit, this was the top of my list.

So, on the 19th May I returned to my old stomping ground- Hayfield Lakes – this time with my girlfriend in accompaniment to take some better photos!

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Candy Corner Fisheres Hoskers Lake Carp

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Candy Corner Fisheries

I arrived at Candy Corner Fisheries bang on opening time – 7:30 am on the 12th May 2013 all excited in anticipation.

There are 4 Lakes at Candy Corner Fisheries, two main ones in AJ’s and Hoskers, that usually have matches on at the weekend, and then 2 other ponds that are generally for pleasure anglers. AJ’s was fully matched up as expected & Hoskers had a match on pegs 1-15. AJ’s is the largest lake with all fish types in with carp up to 30 Ib. Hoskers is a lot smaller but of similar ilk that holds its own with Carp up to 15 Ib.

I had a walk around Hoskers, getting my bearings and eyeing up where to fish. I decided upon peg 23, for the only reason that it had the best margin reeds.

Fishing on the Pole, I plumbed up, starting all the way to the island, which was about 11 meters away, and working my way back. The deepest part of the pond was the middle/track, so about 5-6 meters out. This is the swim I decided to attack first.

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