Fishing with Luncheon Meat | Flavour

Making your bait that little bit more attractive could mean the difference between a decent days fishing and an epic days fishing.

Simply adding spices such as Turmeric, Curry Powder and Hot Chill Powder to luncheon meat is not only cheap and simple, it’s a not brainer just to take to the bank as well as your plain meat.

My method for flavouring the Meat the night before:

  • Put a full luncheon meat in a bowl of just boiled water and leave for a couple of minutes. This just gets rid of all the jelly and fat on the meat.
  • Now chop into cubes, or punch to make pellet shapes, entirely up to you! I chose to cut 6 – 8 mm cubes.
  • Split the meat into 3 sandwich bags. Now in each of them, just sprinkle a flavouring in, blow into the bag, and shake the bag for about 30 seconds. Tie a knot in the bag, and leave in the fridge over night to marinate.


The most successful one for me was curry powder. I bagged up on the day on the pole with around 15 carp up to 4 Ib, and a beautiful Ghostie around 5 Ib. The next time I take flavoured meat, I’m just going to flavour it all with a bit of curry and turmeric together and I reckon this will do the job. Don’t discount the Hot Chilli though, on the angers mail website, an angler used this to flavour all his bait including his groundbait and had huge success!

So the next time you are planning on fishing with luncheon meat, just take a few cubes using the steps above, and it could change your day completely!

Let me know if you’ve had success flavouring your bait with spices or any other combinations!